Zilin Ma

Bucknell University · zm003@bucknell.edu

I am an undergraduate student at Bucknell University majoring in Computer Science and Physics, minoring in Russian Studies. Меня зовут Марат. I am interested in human-computer interaction, image processing and algorithm fairness.


Bucknell University

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science & Physics
Minor in Russian Studies

At Bucknell, I am active in Human Centered Design club as the acting president. I was the designer for Chinese Scholar and Student Association. I was also the Residential Advisor for the only LGBTQ Housing at Bucknell University for two years.

August 2015 - May 2019


Conservation of Procrastination: Do Productivity Interventions Save Time Or Just Redistribute It?

Geza Kovacs, Andrew Mylander Gregory, Zilin Ma, Zhengxuan Wu, Golrokh Emami, Jacob Ray, Michael Bernstein

Mentored by professor Michael Bernstein and Geza Kovacs, I investigated the HabitLab data and investigated how to coach our user using Neutal Network and multi-armed bandit algorithms to spend less time on unproductive websites. I also investigated the time change due to HabitLab interventions, which resulted in this paper submitted to CHI.

Summer 2017

Ventricular segmentation and quantitative assessment in cardiac MR using convolutional neural networks

joshua v. stough, joseph dipalma, zilin ma, brandon k. fornwalt, christopher m. haggerty

Mentored by professor Joshua Stough and doctor Chris Haggerty, I implemented a software pipeline that segementates heart Cardiac MR Images.

Summer 2017

Spreading of waves in disordered media

zilin ma, Deepak Iyer.

Mentored by professor Deepak Iyer, I implemented several numerical simulations to study the spreading of waves.

Summer 2016



An effort to combat food-insecurity in the local community

'Burg-eats is a mobile app that helps low-income community in Lewisburg to connect with local community better. This app also helps Bucknell students to see the postings of the Bucknell Panry -- B-Eats. Moreover, this app allows the adminitrator of the pantries to post informations and update their inventories. We have conducted user research on the people who actively use the food-pantries to provide them with better experience.

Biases in Face Recognition Algorithms

An investigation on fairness in Face Recognition Algorithhms

In this project we investigate the biases in Face Recognition Algorithms for gender and race classifications. We ask:

What conditions cause the bias? (the skewness of the data for instance)

How to avoid the bias if these conditions are unvoidable?


Smile to like a Facebook post

In this Hackathon project we ask if we can find another way to like a post on Facebook based on their facial emotions.

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