Benoit Razet

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Bucknell University.

Research Interests

Functional programming, Automata Theory, Eilenberg machines, Kleene algebras, Complexity, proof assistants, Relational programming.


[1] The Reactive Engine for Modular Transducers. with Gérard Huet. In Algebra, Meaning and Computation, Essays Dedicated to Joseph A. Goguen on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday. Kokichi Futatsugi, Jean-Pierre Jouannaud and José Meseguer Eds. Springer LNCS 4060, 2006, pp. 355-374.

[PDF | bib].

[2] Finite Eilenberg Machines . CIAA 2008. Springer LNCS 5148, 2008, pp. 242-251. [PDF|bib].

[3] Simulating Finite Eilenberg Machines with a Reactive Engine . MFSP 2008. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 229 (2011) pp. 119-134. PDF.

[4] Computing with Relational Machines. with Gérard Huet. Tutorial given at ICON 2008, Pune, December 2008. PDF.

[5] Machines d'Eilenberg Effectives. Ph.D. from University of Paris Diderot. 2009. [PDF|HAL]. with distribution of OCaml and Coq programs [tar.gz].

[6] Average Analysis of Glushkov Automata under a BST-Like Model. With Cyril Nicaud and Carine Pivoteau. FSTTCS 2010. Published by LIPICS available on the Web or PDF.

[7] Computing with Relational Machines. Gérard Huet and Benoit Razet. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science. Cambridge University Press. 2015.

[8] Computing Certificates of Regular Expression Equivalence. With Bodhayan Roy. Draft available as PDF. 2016.


  • CSCI 341 Theory of Computation. Fall11, Spring12, Fall12, Fall13, Fall15, Fall16
  • CSCI 311 Algorithms and Data Structures. Spring16
  • CSCI 208 Programming Language Design. Fall11, Spring12, Fall12, Fall13, Fall15(Lab), Fall16
  • CSCI 379 Automated Reasoning (Elective). Spring 2014
  • CSCI 206 Computer Organization and Programming. Spring13, Spring16
  • CSCI 240 Computers and Society. Spring14, Spring16, Spring17


The list of talks is available here.

Program Committees

MSFP 2010. ICDCIT 2011.


Computer Science Department

College of Engineering

Bucknell University

2 Dent Road, 17837, Pennsylvania, USA

Email: benoit.razet@"myinstitution".edu