The goal of this workshop is to produce a detailed whitepaper draft, laying out the physics case for the recoil separator, and to endorse a particular separator option to meet the ambitious goals of the physics case. The recommendations of the workshop will be presented at the Low Energy Community Meeting in August that this year is co-opted by the Low Energy Town Meeting for the upcoming NSAC Long Range Plan (LRP).

At last year’s satellite workshop and working group meeting in August 2013 (see the previous workshop website for some details), the decision was made to focus on the two vacuum separator options, (ISLA and SUPERB) while considering the possibility of gas-filled operating modes in these systems. Specific information on physics cases to be pursued with such a device was solicited from the community shortly afterward. To date, 13 separate physics cases have been submitted representing a wide variety of research areas in nuclear physics, experimental techniques, and institutions. A final collection of additional proposed physics cases will be completed as part of registration for this workshop. The organizers continue to work with the FRIB Users Organization to chart a path forward to proposal, construction, and successful operation of a recoil separator for ReA12 to meet these physics goals.

Useful information and supporting documents will be circulated to registered participants by June 30th to allow some time for their review prior to the workshop.

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Please also consider submitting an experimental proposal for a physics case to be explored with the recoil separator, also to be submitted by June 21.

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Breakfast and lunch will be provided on the day of the workshop. An informal opening reception will be held on July 11th, at 7pm at NSCL